Themis Ecosystem™ doesn’t just unite proven green and technologically advanced projects from different sectors. It is also an all-in-one solution; a platform for business, environmental, and community support. 

To achieve bold goals, we’ve had to redesign industry, environmental, and community standards from the inside out. Our rich experiences have given us an insight into where and what radical changes are needed to effectively change the future. 

We’ve managed to develop an entire system that enables a fair green deal for all. Now everyone has a chance to join the like-minded people who care about the future, support the best green projects, help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, become personal and family CO2 neutral, and even make some money on the way.

Product Reincarnation Technology™ or PRT™ in short, is an advanced, two-step process that transforms discarded hydrocarbons – scrap plastic, waste tires… – into high demanded products, like electricity and carbon black (first stage), or even into brand new products (second stage), by low-temperature molecular degradation. 

More than 98% of waste is monetized, with no emissions whatsoever. Unique operations are represented by innovative elements: • catalyst system for gen-set exhaust intake • inner catalyst system with a molecular degradation salt contact-spray • all-in-one closed-loop system • a computing contacting times • a final condenser chamber all gas-to-liquid H2O.

Today’s technologies allow us to transform waste into added value products. With our unique technology wood waste is turned into high-demand products, such as electricity and organic carbon, in an inexpensive and nature-friendly way.  

Zero emissions, Closed Loop Operations, great environmental CO2 reduction, and high efficiency are the advantages of this remarkable technology.

Gains–or outputs or end products–of selected green technologies are digitalized and represented in the form of e-voucher or specially developed Industrial Raw Material Asset Unit (iTo™). Online industrial Exchange™ (OIX™) is the place where these iTos™ are listed and managed.

MonaLisa Vault™ is a safe place where owners can save their iTos™. It also offers insights into some environmental impact factors specially developed for this process.

We have established a new approach to reshaping green industries, becoming CO2 negative, and boosting prosperity. A community of like-minded, green future and breakthrough technologies-oriented people with already more than 2 million supporters. 

This is not yet another ordinary charity. The platform, regulation, and vision are designed in a way that we don’t just collect and donate 100% percent of the collected money. We also evaluate the donation recipients and help them with a new business model. Above all, we help them establish a long-term, robust, and independent business.

Besides collecting and donating money, we also finance projects that change the future of entire communities. 

With the innovative technology of Asclepius8, for example, 300 people will receive free anti-stress therapy on a selected public spot daily. Using innovative technology under the John’s Organic Roots brand – supplied with excess energy by Biomass Ultima – the local community will be provided with up to 550kg (1,212 lbs) of organically grown vegetables per month free of charge.

Our appearance in the media all over the world has increased to such an extent that we also had to design our own media channel.

Themis Ecosystem.NEWS media channel covers articles and news about Themis Ecosystem and its subsidiary parts: technologies, projects, charity work, etc. You can also find some exclusive news, unique articles, and interviews with insiders.