“My business philosophy is simple – the final product must be so good that it’s extremely hard to be improved by additional money, extra time invested, any material, and any kind of craftsmanship. And it must look good, too.”

Roberto Hroval

My Story

“Be bold and Universe will reward you. Remember – fight like a Lion, and raise like a Phoenix. You are stronger than you think.”

Roberto Hroval

Present Work

I am very honoured to have a chance to develop some non-profit projects and help others. This is what nourishes my soul. I also have developed, founded, and launched the following technologies, regulations, and supportive platforms.


“I see our world better, smarter and brighter. I strongly believe that the time of our true freedom has already come. Fight for your heart´s desires, don´t give up easily, think positive and trust.”

Roberto Hroval


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